Sports Management

  1. Please define and explain the concept of sport labor migration. In drafting your responses, you MUST explain the positive and negative aspects, which have been cited in the corresponding module resources?
  2. Please review M2R1, and upon completion, discuss the following: a) the cultural challenges foreign workers in the cases examined (page 55-57) encountered; b) how they coped with such challenges; and c) include any additional information or insights gained from your answer/analysis.
  3. Please review M2R3 and answer the following:

a) What is the main purpose of this article (research purpose–that is)?

b) What facts, ideas, and concepts generated the most interest for you? Why?

c) Critically evaluate and discuss at least ONE recommendation with which you agree or disagree.

d) What advice or recommendation would you give to an American athlete on the verge of signing a professional contract to play for a sport franchise in China, Taiwan, or South Korea? Please cite and explain 3 recommendations.