Sports Management

Please organize and draft a concise reflection of the module resources. In so doing, please be sure to address each of the following questions:

  1. Please define Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”). Your definition should also include an explanation of the specific components of the CSR, as discussed in the module reading assignments);
  2. Please explain the origins of CSR? Your answer should address, specifically, why the concept, as described in our reading assignments, has become so important? And, more importantly, explain how CSR has become an “indispensable part of international sport management today”?;
  3. Based on the case studies, as well as examples/ideas discussed throughout M6R2, what potential sponsors or sport merchandise partnerships, if any, will you attempt to duplicate in your final Report? Your answers MUST include specific example(s) from the article to support your response, and must also include proper citation.
  4. Please discuss the increased trends in the use of sport to assist in development strategies and initiatives. Also, how is this article relevant to our task to “sell baseball” to the Antiguan government–namely by alleviating concerns about the use of government resources to finance the venture (M6R1)?