Sports Management

Throughout the semester, we’ve studied various components of international sport management, which included a thorough examination of the comparative advantages of exporting sport products, intercultural management, and sport labor migration. Accordingly, your final project in this class is to utilize all of the information studied, including reading assignments, as well as comparable case studies on sport-in-development projects, to develop a simulated “Consulting Report”, which makes a compelling case for the development, implementation and/or “expansion the sport of baseball, as part of a grassroots program initiative in the Caribbean island “gateway” of Antigua & Barbuda. Hence, you are to present your individual research findings (e.g., SWOT analysis), case studies, as well as provide detailed and well-supported analysis, which addresses the feasibility, necessity, and cultural implications of developing AMATEUR baseball (Little League, AAU, etc.,) as a whole! Under no circumstances whatsoever are you to assume that we’re attempting to transplant an MLB team/MILB affiliate (e.g., not proposing that the Florida Marlins move to Antigua and become the “Antigua Marlins”), developing a new franchise, or field a professional “Winter League” on the island—though you may briefly address these insights as possible benefits once you’ve securely structured your analysis to reflect the requirements outlined below.


You are to draft a 5-7 page simulated (mock) “Consulting Report”, which incorporates the learning resources examined throughout the course, for purposes of launching an amateur baseball development/implementation initiative, as a sport in development project, on the island Antigua & Barbuda. If it is your position that baseball, in light of its unique cultural values, dimensions, codes, or political structure makes it impossible to develop/implement the project, then your analysis throughout the paper should still utilize the learning resources in support of your position, to deliver a compelling Report aimed at dissuading the reader of attempting this measure.

Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Introduction (1-2 pages featuring relevant and VERY specific skeleton of supporting arguments)
    • Briefly discuss or lay out the main components of your Report.
    • By the end of your Introduction, there should be NO surprises in your main analysis to follow (either for or against development/implementation). In other words, any and all relevant supporting points should be addressed…whereas the body of your document should develop those arguments, NOT JUST REPEAT the previous statements.
  2. Purpose of the Report (at least 1⁄2 page…more likely 1-2 pages)
  • Explain the underlying purpose of your Report (think of “Comparative Advantage” and “Strategic Management: Why Go Global” articles/propositions).
  • Brief introduction/discussion of the following: o 1) the sport product (baseball); The term “expansion”, as used herein, would suggest that baseball has previously established a firm foundation on the island, which extends beyond mere participation…it connotes the establishment of structured recreational leagues, maintains a governing body, and mass participation, etc.). o 2) the client…which for this simulation, is an independent non-governmental entity, called Antigua & Barbuda Baseball Initiative (“ABBI”), who MUST dissect “values dimension” and layers of the cultural “onion” to find sponsors, market, and obtain funding through partnerships with the APPROPRIATE governing body on the island. § REMEMBER, the most important task, and best method for taking ownership of the assignment is to deliver your Report, with the aim of convincing the appropriate governing body to divert funding from another sport/program to implement this initiative. What’s your most compelling argument???? o 3) International Market (describe Antigua & Barbuda) as well as significance of surrounding geographic area, namely Dominican Republic, Cuba, Puerto Rico—all of which maintain flourishing baseball infrastructure. o 4) Your vision/development strategy for the initiative (development of Little League— why important to start with youth baseball—AAU etc.?). In other words, tell us where to begin briefly and then expand. How will ABBI know when they’ve developed solid baseball infrastructure? What are the measurable benchmarks???? III. Recommendations: 1-1.5 pages (what are your specific business strategies? What about cultural development?)
  • Administration/Governance
    o What rules/regulations play a role? Think of political entity, government agency or baseball rules may have bearing? Please see M4 Assignment.
  • Business (Or, in this case, this is a sport in development measure) o What are cultural/consumer motivations (ONION METAPHOR) o Discuss key motivations for consumption of baseball in Antigua (develop rival alternative for amateur free agent market—Dominican Republic???). Make recommendations as to

how baseball would be marketed in Antigua (M1 Case Study and M5 Discussion????)

  • Culture: Discuss the cultural component of Antigua…re-state findings from Module 3 Research Reflection, and make recommendations.
  • Partnership
    o If you have not addressed the necessary strategic alliance that your client ABBI will need to form with the targeted governmental agency in order to develop the sport, then address it here. Namely volunteers, financial resources and other details on partnership opportunities.
  1. Evaluation (.5 page) Discuss/forecast effectiveness of program, including short and long- term goals.
  2. Conclusion (.5 page) Discuss major skeletal points, and combine compelling arguments.