Sports Management

Recognizing that Sport Leaders are often asked to provide information on a legal matter that may impact her/his sport organization, you are asked to draft a guiding document and provide all relevant information on either Title VII, Title IX or ADA. You are to draft a ‘White Paper’ that would be used to inform the Athletic Director, the Board, or members of the sport organization of the key issues of the Law (Title VII, Title IX, or ADA), to provides critical insight, information, or awareness, in order to guide future actions or potential actions that the organization may encounter or take.

The following questions may be of assistance in completing this assignment:

1. Define the law and the pertinent facts surrounding the law.

2. What is the history or key factors that this sport organization must consider when implementing the law and striving for compliance with the law?

3. What resources, human or material, are necessary to implement the law or to ensure compliance with the law.

4. What, if any limitations, does this sport organization have when considering implementing or making adjustments to gain compliance?

5. What is the most appropriate and realistic timeline for implementation/changes?

6. Who are the members of the organization that are necessary for implementation?

7. What do you anticipate as outcomes of the suggested implementation strategies you propose? What should we expect?

These questions are provided to assist you in your preparations. The How to Write a White Paper re source is also available for your review. Use the outline or the guidelines from the attached document, or an alternate resource, to accomplish the assignment. Alternate approaches that accomplish the goal, are also appreciated.

Article ADA