Sports Management, business and finance homework help

Answer or comment on the following in a separate word document.

1) Why might a sports agent NOT want to be a lawyer?

2) Discuss the three different types of conflicts of interest discussed in Chapter 1.

3) What are the differences between the 4 major leagues in their certification processes for agents?

4) Discuss, in further detail, one of the criminal cases mentioned in your textbook.

5) What are non revenue and revenue sports in the NCAA? And discuss your thoughts on the large financial gap in D1 FBS football.

6) Why is the NCAA NOT considered a state actor?

7) Please re-read, closely, the section entitled NCAA and Amateurism, beginning on page 25. Do you believe the NCAA adheres to BYlaw 1.3.1 and 2.9?

8) Do you believe student athletes should be compensated, in some other form than scholarships, why or why not?