Spying On The Home Front & Lawmakers YouTube Video Case Analysis

View the following videos Spying on the Home Front & Lawmakers call for changes to surveillance act

You will write a short paper 3 pages (Cover page and references page required) 5 pages total., in the paper please address the following items:

  1. Explain one of the provisions from the Patriot Act which amended prior legislation with the intention of reducing unnecessary burdens in criminal investigations.
  2. After viewing the videos, how would you have felt if you were visiting Las Vegas that week and your personal data was released? Do you think the Patriot Act amendments reduce unnecessary burdens or impacts rights to privacy?
  3. Over 10 years have passed since Spying on the Home Front first aired in 2007, the other news clip was aired in December of 2017, how do you think the American public has changed their feelings about government surveillance in the past 10 years? Provide supporting evidence to you answer.

Note : This is a research assignment so it should not be entirely opinion based writing, as a result you need to properly cite any thought or idea that is not your own.