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Question: Describe an instance of plagiarism or other use of another’s intellectual property with which you are familiar. Please give one argument condemning this conduct and one argument defending it.


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Plagiarism is using another person’s work or ideas without giving credit to that person. Many students from schools and universities plagiarize their homework and present it as their own. Plagiarism is considered as a breach of honesty in the educational field. The plagiarism is impacting the news media and online blog posts also. Lizzie Crocker, a reporter for the Daily Beast has resigned after it was revealed that she plagiarized large portions of a recent article from the Weekly Standard written by Alice B. Lloyd (Miller, 2018). Movie and music industry faces the biggest problem, which is piracy. It is a form of copyright infringement and it became more common with the development of the internet. Now there are many websites which provide pirated copies of movies and music, which clearly violates the copyrights of the actual owners. This leads to huge losses for the movie and music industry due to loss of viewership and listeners. The peer to peer type websites like torrents increases this kind of activities.

Another recent example of copyright issue is ZURU filing lawsuit against Telebrands to protect the Company’s award-winning Bunch O Balloons product from patent infringement (BusinessWire, 2017). The lawsuit against Telebrands states that the Company has been attempting to market competing products to benefit from the success of Bunch O Balloons.

In India, the government has given rights to the movie distributor to fix their ticket prices and as a result, the ticket prices of the movies jumped from 30 INR to 70 INR in normal theaters. The ticket prices are even more pricey in multiplexes and Imax theaters. As a result, the common man is not able to watch the movies due to the greediness of the movie makers. Thus they are depending on pirated copies of the movies available online. I respect the value of the talent, ideas, and effort of movie makers but the prices they charge are out of range to their intellectual expenditure and financial expenditure. In this case, I support the Indian movie viewers. There should be a limit of charge and price when it comes to the intellectual property usage and copyrights in public domain.


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Intellectual Property Law is the regulation that deals with the rights individual or the organization have over any product or service theta have been created by them with respect to the creativity and works that enhances it compared to the others available in the current market. As per this law the individual or the organization that has the ownership to the product/service will have the authority to sell and trade mark their instances over it and incase any other wants to utilize or enhance their service using the patent right product must have the consent and the legal agreement of the actual/real owner. Incase this clause is been breached the actual intellectual property owner can file the case over the opponent with respect to the monetary or property loss. (Stim, 2018)

Now comes the question of how an individual or the organization gain the ownership of the product they have developed can be categorized in to the below types depending on the functionalities that the service or the product satisfies:

  • Copyright – This is the ownership that is demanded with respect to the work related to art and creativity.
  • Patent – This is the ownership that is demanded with respect to the invention that has never been before in the existing market.
  • Trademarks – This is the way to represent the ownership of the product or service through the display of actual owner’s unique symbol to represent them in the market and industry.

The instance where the work, services and the functionalities of the product or service is been re-used or re-built that is the replica of the existing patent copyrighted services or product can be referenced as the plagiarism. Let me explain the same with a use case. We as a student do research work on the project and submit it as part of the course work with it entitled to our name, and if another student has the same content like the research methodologies with the catalogic summary is re-submitted, given it is not a group assignment then the project of the second student is said to be plagiarized from the first student’s project report.


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