Starbucks Case Study

Using the file below to answers those three questions ( can be short answers or bubble point because this is just a outline)

1) Situation: what is the situation in the case? What is the case about? Why was the case written? What is the business problem/problems that are in the case?

2) Competition: who are the competitors named in the case? If there are other competitors that you think should be included, name them and tell me why you think they should be in the case.

3) Problems/ Situations/Analysis

At least 3 Problems / Situations/Analysis are presented in this case.(below) These are the most important part of the case as they represent your practice of critical thinking.

In some cases, like Dominos, there are many problems. You come up with the solutions – that are realistic.

If you think they should have done something different, then please talk about that in the outline.

Problem 3)

Solution 3)

Analysis 3)