Stetson University SWOT Analysis Assignment Help

Assignment 3 (Part one)

✅ Perform a SWOT Analysis on Stetson University:

  • Use what you learn in Chapter 6, but I also expect you to demonstrate real initiative in your work.
  • Remember that Stetson University has a wealth of useful data that might guide your analysis.
  • There is no page requirement, but you will be evaluated on rigor, thoroughness, and the degree to which you successfully identify and analyze the issues you raise in the SWOT.
  • Finally, you should make some recommendations based on your SWOT Analysis.

✅ ( Part Two)

1. Take a look at the Boston Consulting Group matrix for industry analysis. Identify a company (four companies in total) that belongs in each of those four categories, and justify/explain your placement.

2. Analyze the higher education industry based on Porter’s 5 forces.