stock evaluation

Each student is required to select one company. The company must:

  1. be publicly listed
  2. issue a dividend
  3. be of interest to the student.

You are to prepare and submit a written report that contain, but is not limited to,

  1. Business description
  2. Industry overview and competitive positioning of the company
  3. Investment Summary
  4. Valuation
  5. Financial analysis
  6. Investment risk

The written report must:

  1. Be no longer than ten pages. You may include an appendix with no length restriction.
  2. Include the following information on the front page
    1. Company name
    2. Exchange
    3. Ticker symbol
    4. Sector
    5. Industry
    6. Recommendation (Buy/Sell/Hold)
    7. Current price (as of ___ date)
    8. Target price in percentages or dollars
  3. Contain only publicly available information
  4. Be the original work of the student
  5. Be prepared from the perspective of an independent research analyst