Strategic Communication

Page: -220 Chapter 8


1. Visit the website of a major employer in your field. What kinds of reports do you find at this site? What are the elements and characteristics of the reports? How long are the reports? Who are the audiences for the reports? What are the purposes of the reports? Are the reports written by a single author or multiple authors? What do the reports indicate about this employer? What do the reports indicate about your field? How would you prepare to write a report like one of these?

2. Visit the website of the National Transportation Safety Board ( to examine each of its six kinds of accident reports (aviation, hazardous ma- terials, highway, marine, pipeline, and railroad). Describe the elements of the reports. How would you describe the writing style of the reports? What kinds of illustrations do you find integrated into the reports? Do the reports offer satis- factory descriptions of the accidents? Do the reports offer clear and convincing evidence of the causes of accidents? Do the reports make a persuasive case for changes in practices or materials to improve safety?

Page: – 252 Chapter 9


1 & 2

Note: – You have to answer Chapter 8 & 9 Exercise questions each chapter has 2 questions. Prepare two separate documents for each chapter questions.