Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part 2/Marketing Research Report, marketing homework help

The above titles are actually questions for a two-part research assignment that I wanted to list all on one page. For the first one, “Strategy and Positioning Analysis Part 2”

Use the same product and organization you identified in your Week 3 Strategy and Positioning Analysis, here was my team’s idea from Week 3 of the company and product we picked:

Nestle Corporation and a Water Purification Product, specifically a single serve water purification product that comes in a small dropper and contains safe purifying water mixed with chlorine dioxide, which is a chemical you’ll find used in water treatment plants and is designed as a small, easy-to-grip bottle that can be convenient for any kinds of traveling, especially for something like camping outdoors, for workouts or to take on the job at work.

Develop a 2,100-word analysis (excluding cover page and reference page words) that includes:

  • Introduction
  • Describe how your marketing efforts and marketing mix will change with each phase in the product life cycle
  • Explain how the packaging you will use for your product or service will add value.
  • Analyze the appropriate pricing strategy for your product or service and the price you will set at launch.
  • Evaluate the channels of distribution you will use to sell your product along with a description of how each channel partner will add value.
  • Conclusion

Include at least four sources of research that support your analysis; at least a few that are peer-reviewed researched and a few that are secondary research.

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines, including citations used within essay paper.

For the second assignment titled “Marketing Research Report” the instructions include the following:

Use the same company from your Week 2 assignment.Company used was Netflix.

Your company has decided to launch a new line of products.

Create a 1,400-word report (excluding cover page and reference page words) and include the following information:

  • Introduction
  • Choose the target market for your new product, and describe your target market in detail.
  • Create a new product that would appeal to your market. This should be a product that you come up with, not something that the company is already releasing. (My idea I sort of had in mind for this one was possibly maybe expanding their service by adding a livestream feature where the technology and systems behind this could compete even better with other current online livestream options and provide better benefits in the future for consumers, but if you may have other ideas to offer, I wouldn’t mind since I’m having a difficult time thinking what kind of new service or product I could think up of for the Netflix Company).
  • Focus now on what you’ve learned about marketing research. Develop at least one question you’d try to answer via marketing research for each characteristic of the target market (demographic, geographic, psychographic, and behavioral) that will be important for you as you determine the marketing strategy for this new product.
  • Recommend the best methods of conducting marketing research to answer these questions. Use at least some of the tools discussed in the text. Be sure to include why you chose these particular methods.
  • Outline the steps you will take to bring your product to market from idea generation to commercialization, using a multi-step product development process.
  • Conclusion

Format your assignment consistent with APA guidelines. As always, include a reference page and include citations used within essay research.

Side Note: Attached below are some essay papers and a PowerPoint presentation, one of them I’ve worked on with team members, but these two upcoming assignments are both individual ones and I appreciate any help I can get on them. Thanks!

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