Strategy Game Results, business and finance homework help

Strategy Game Results

Summarize your key decisions this week and why you made them. Examine the decisions of one of your peers from the previous week and compare and contrast your decision this week with theirs.

In 200 words compare  the two post below

Summarize new key decision

Classmates  old post 

The summary of my key decisions for the strategy game is more of the same as last week.  I always try to keep the SQ rating about the industry average, therefore it has a direct effect on superior material cost.  When the material is substandard the consumer may not buy your product.  Every consumer really wants to purchase quality material at a low cost.  This leads to customer satisfaction and a higher customer approval rating.  Also, I have chosen not to keep any outstanding loans because the company’s success is driven by its cash position at the end of the fiscal year.  When celebrity endorsements are needed, I will always try to get the best for less.  Having a lean balance sheet always look good for current investors and future investors with competitive and rising stock prices.

compare and contrast your decision this week with theirs.

My post:

It is worth noting that the standard and superior prices of items gets determined through demand and supply functions. In the event of an application of high SQ, there would be a possible increase in the prices of superior goods, due to rising demand pushing up their prices and vice versa. It is relatively accurate to leave the SQ within the industrial level due to its direct impact on the cost of material. It is every consumer’s joy to obtain the highest quality products at the least possible price. Customer’s approval rating only goes up when they buy superior goods in the least possible amount. Concerning the loans and the successful strategy, one would elicit debts, and therefore a person is bound to outsource means of refinancing the preexisting loans as to raise the firm’s cash flow. It is crucial to remain out of loans as they impede the company’s success as it would pay back the interest that may be high.Attaining the best celebrity endorsement for less also increases the success rate. Lastly, the thin balance sheet aids the firm in future growth with their investors.

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