summation of literature review ( 6 articles), management homework help

Hi .i study master of hospitality and tourism.i need a summary of 6 articles (literature review) just in one page. The articles should be a scholarly ,peer – reviewed articles with academic attachment. As you know, these types of articles are for sure scientific ,factual-based research used for academic research and writing.please, read criterias:

1) please ,give a summary of literature review for 6 articles and build one-page research article. please read the articles and build a literature review providing a summation of them in one page. ( no more than one page please ). just one.

2) please cover all 6 articles. ( it has grade)

3) it should be 100 % based on APA style. Citation Both in the text and in the reference page please.

4) you are free to select articles .but the title of the 6 articles should be this topic( please, see below)

5)– The Nature of Service (Address Heterogeneity, Inseparability, Perishability, and Intangibility.)

6) please give a summation of literature review of 6 articles in aforesaid topic in one page.


if any questions let me know