Table of Bureau Of Labor Statistics, economics assignment help

Go to the Bureau Of Labor Statistics Current Population Survey webpage. 

*  Scroll down to Featured CPS Tables

*  Click on Annual tables

Answer the following questions:

In Table #1:

1. What was the civilian noninstitutional population in 2015?

2. How many persons were employed in 2010?

3. How many persons were not in the labor force in 2000?

In table #3:

4. What was the unemployment rate in 2015 for:

a. Men, 16 to 17 years?

b. Women, 16 to 17 years?

c. Men, 65 years and older?

d. Women, 65 years and older?

In table #7:

5. What was the labor force participation rate in 2015 for:

a. Persons with less than a high school diploma?

b. Persons with a bachelor’s degree or higher?

c. White high school graduates, no college?

d. Asian high school graduates, no college?

In table #8:

6. How many workers were employed part time in 2015?

In table #9:

7. What percent of employed men worked in service occupations in 2014?

8. What percent of employed persons worked in farming, fishing, and forestry occupations in 2015?

In table #24:

9. What was the unemployment rate in 2014 for men, 25 years and older, who had never married?

10. How many women who were widowed, divorced, or separated were unemployed in 2015?


2 to 3 pages or depending on the requirements , 12-point fonts, 1.5 spacing and wide margins on all sides! 

Language. Be precise in formulating your thoughts. Reread your paper more than once before handing in, use spell-checkers and grammar instructions. Typo’s are likely to downgrade the final assessment of the paper, you will be judged mainly about your contact and information