Technological Growth (Future Analysis)

Using the state-of-the-art materials on Technological Growth (Future Analysis). and field visit to a Burberry store in your neighborhood, answer the following questions in 150 words each, plus 75 words comment.

a) Critical (key) success factors.  Analyze the critical success factors in the fashion industry, based on Burberry case.   Reviewing history, how challenging it has been for Burberry to sustain its strengths with respect to these factors over time?   Have any of these factors become its weaknesses at times?

b) Critical growth options.   Burberry case ends with the discussion on its See Now, Buy Now model, which operates like a custom shop.  Going forward, analyze the following two critical growth options in the fashion industry, based on Burberry case: transform custom shop into network exchange, and transform network exchange into product stream.     

c) Critical servicing scenarios.  Chart a strength that has been difficult to sustain and a factor that has become weakness on the X axis.  Chart a network exchange growth option and a product stream growth option on the Y axis.   Then, based on this 2×2, using the method of scenario analysis, design three servicing scenarios for shaping Burberry’s future in fashion retail.   

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