Thanks For the Memories, a Farewell, Powerpoint presentation help

Primary Discussion Response is due by Friday (11:59:59pm Central), Peer Responses are due by Tuesday (11:59:59pm Central).

Primary Discussion Response: Your classmates, your instructor, and you have been working together over the course as a team. Through discussion board tasks and individual projects, you have shared thoughts, ideas, and information you have learned. It is now time to move forward with future coursework or graduation. Create a farewell presentation that includes good memories from the class, well wishes for your classmates, and a recap of what you have learned.

Step 1:

You will decide how you wish to deliver your farewell presentation in a creative way. The length of your presentation should be approximately 1–3 minutes long.

Pick one of the following options to deliver your farewell presentation:

  • Create a short video presentation that can be uploaded directly to the discussion board. This can be as simple as recording a video on your cell phone, tablet, or Web cam.
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation with bullet points, and on each of the slides, record audio of you delivering the content on the slide.
  • Record a picture slideshow with PowerPoint or other software, and on each of the slides, record audio of you delivering the content on the slide.
  • Record an audio (wave file), and post the audio (wave file) file to the discussion board.

Step 2:

After choosing which method you wish to use for your final presentation, create your presentation with the following elements:

  • A clear attention gaining device and introduction
  • A reflection on what you have learned in this course
  • A conclusion with a farewell statement to your peers to close out your presentation

Peer Responses: Respond to at least 2 of your fellow classmates with at least a 100-word reply addressing the following:

  • What did you enjoy about your fellow classmates’ farewell presentations?
  • Discuss one item you felt your classmates could have elaborated on in their speeches.
  • Discuss how your speech was either similar or different from your classmates.

For assistance with your assignment, please use your text, Web resources, and all course materials.