The Balanced Scorecard Approach to Operations, management homework help

The paper must have the following book as a reference Essentials of Operations Management- ISBN 978-1-4129-2570-9. The balanced scorecard approach to operations is on chapter 5, beginning on page 93. I can provide images of the pages if needed. I’d prefer someone who has experience with the BSC. Paper must meet the guidelines below:

Research Paper: Each student will be required to write a 5-7 page research paper/project that is focused on The Balanced Scorecard Approach. Requirements for the paper include:

  1. Font: Times New Roman, 12 font size
  2. One inch margins; doubled spaced lines
  3. Cover Page: Do not place pictures on the cover page
  4. List of References
  5. You should have 5-7 pages of research, therefore your cover page, table of contents, and bibliography should be additional pages.
  6. Research must be cited in the body of the paper using APA parenthetical documentation. Failure to cite according to these APA formats will result in a failing grade for this assignment.
  7. References: You must have 5-7 sources from reputable, peer reviewed magazines, newspapers, books, and/or journals. The remainder of the information should come from the company’s profile (i.e. annual reports, financial records).