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In addition to government organizations, large corporations provide medicines, shelter, food, and other forms of disaster relief to the needy. For instance, in response to the Haitian earthquake that brought devastation to over one million people near Port-au-Prince few years ago, few corporations got involved. The primary coordinator of the effort was the Business Civic Leadership Center, a not-for-profit agency that partnered with Office Depot to create a National Disaster Help Desk. The sponsorship helped generate nearly $150 million in aid from TevaPharmaceuticals, GE, and other well-known businesses.

Choose a not-for-profit agency that champions a social cause, and research the ways in which it uses advertising and promotion to accomplish humanitarian goals. Post an example or link to the agency’s ad.


  1. How do ads by the nonprofit organization differ from those of profit-oriented businesses?
  2. How are they similar?
  3. What would be your recommendations in order to enhance the advertising of your chosen not-for-profit agency?