The Economics of Labor Markets, powerpoint presentation help

The Economics of Labor Markets PowerPoint

This is a group project. ONLY MY PART of the assignment is listed below. The grading guide that is attached below is regarding the entire assignment, which includes some parts that you won’t be completing. Only reference to what applies to my part of the assignment.

Assignment Instructions:

Select an organization your team is familiar with or an organization where a team member works.

Develop a 8- to 9-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation to be presented to the CEO’s executive committee that addresses how your chosen organization determines what quantity of labor to demand and what events could shift the demand and supply of that labor. Add detailed speaker notes on each slide.

Explain the following in your presentation:

  • How your organization’s production function is related to its marginal product of labor
  • How your organization’s marginal product of labor is related to the value of its marginal product
  • How your organization’s marginal product is related to its demand for labor

Cite a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed sources not including your textbook.

Format consistent with APA guidelines.

Additional Requirements:

  • Complete the assignment using your own words with correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar in APA format.  No plagiarism.
  • If you are not using your own words or if you are quoting any information or definitions, make sure to cite the information by using proper APA format citations and don’t forget to include the source of the information as a reference on the references page by using proper APA format.
  • Read and use the attached PDF, Word, and/or Power Point document(s) that are attached to this question in order to understand the necessary information in order for you to be able to complete the assignment accurately and completely.
  • Read and use any other files that are attached to this question in order for you to be able to complete the assignment accurately and completely, if applicable.  Do not forget to include any other attachments as references and to use citations from them, if applicable.
  • If the assignment is a Power Point Presentation, add in the necessary speaker notes that explain each slide.

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