The efficiency and accuracy of data collection, writing assignment help

Navigate to the Online Library which is accessible through the Resources tab. Select one of the databases that contains data about Business or Accounting. Locate a current article about factory automation. Compose a brief essay that discusses the accounting implications of the automation process discussed within the article. Some of the items to address include:

  • The efficiency and accuracy of data collection.
  • The new opportunities for improving performance reports.
  • Production cycle threats and the control procedures used to minimize those threats.

Please make this paper 1-2 pages long and in APA Format.

Please include a reference page and site sources within the paper.

Please see attached article “Connecting the Small Factory” that should only be used for this paper.

I have included the reference for the article below.



P. (2016). Connecting the smart factory. Manufacturing Engineering,157(2),

206-211. Retrieved from…

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