the impact of robotics and technology to the economy, assignment help


In the last two weeks we saw the impact of robotics and technology to the economy. So we are loosing manufacturing jobs to robots and we are loosing manufacturing jobs to other countries with cheaper wages.

Our economy is been experiencing the creation of a new sector and the decline of it over time. At one point farming was the sector were the majority of the people were employed, next we had the industrial revolution and people moved and got a job in a factory and that was the way to make a living. Every time a sector is declining another in expending. Jobs are constantly destroyed and created.

Answer to the following 2 questions with a couple of sentences. I am looking for your opinion and ability to use critical thinking. If you use any resource, you must cite it or no points are earned.

1) Where is the US economy leading? Or in which sector/s should we look to find jobs?

2) It appears that robots are destroying some jobs; do you think that robotics or technology is creating new jobs? (Give at least on example)

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