The Killing Fields Cambodia Khmer Rouges

What are the key features of the slaughter visited upon the Cambodian people by the communist Khmer Rouges? How many people perished in the “Killing Fields”?

Explain the meaning of covert narcissism (which is a form of abnormal personality structure, highly manipulative of others and fundamentally lacking in empathy)? How is it different from—or congruent with— sociopapthy or/and psychopathy? You may want to research on YouTube using the expertise of Dr. Les Carter. There are other specialists too, one being Lisa A. Romano, who is a coach on recovery from abusive traumatic relationships, including those with covert narcissists.

Explain how we (good students of ethics and critical thinking) need to understand both absolutism (objectivism of revelations or objectivism of evolution) and relativism (subjectivism)—and hold them at a distance?

Explain how reasoning assists in the backing the emotional appeal and creates a compelling argument.

Research the Gulag and summarize what you learned. Research Nathan Sharanski who was in the Gulag and came out of it to testify about it.