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The Week 5 discussion is based on the Management in Action case study found on pp. 155-156 of the Kinicki and Williams book. This case has you look at the managerial consequences associated with inadequate planning in advance of efforts to move a huge piece of equipment. More important, the case focuses your attention on how the problems GE faced could have been avoided by the effective application of basic planning principles.

This assignment is very straight-forward. In your initial post you need to thoroughly answer the five discussion questions found at the end of the case on p. 156. While answering these questions you need to show that you understand why GE’s planning efforts were inadequate and how the use of fundamental planning procedures like those described in Ch.5 could have avoided the problems. The simplest way to approach this assignment is to present the discussion question and then answer it.

There is no length requirement on this assignment. It is important that you develop an internal standard of excellence. This means that you need to write whatever it takes for you to thoroughly address the issues raised by the assignment. The expectation is that you show a sound understanding of the planning process and that you can apply this knowledge to the issues raised by the case when answering the discussion questions.

When you use material from the text book or other information sources, you must reference the information source using the APA style guide. Do not use any other referencing system.