The Purpose of Legal Research, law homework help

This week’s discussion is on “The Purpose of Legal Research.” Please respond to ALL of the following questions for full credit. Failure to address any of these question will result in points deductions. In order to earn full credit for this question you MUST complete the e-Activity and use the source you researched to complete this response. Your response must be in your own writing. Cutting and pasting from other sources is not acceptable. All posts will be scanned for plagiarism at the end of the week using SafeAssign. You should prepare your ideas and use peer-reviewed academic sources to SUPPORT your ideas. Websites, encyclopedias are not acceptable sources.

Please respond to the following:

Choose two (2) tools that a paralegal could use to conduct the research process. Explain the primary manner in which each of the identified tools enables a paralegal to interpret legal authority.


Two tools a paralegal can use to interpret legal authority, throughout the researching process, are encyclopedias and the American Law Report (A.L.R). Encyclopedias may be used by a paralegal to gain introductory information about any issue the paralegal is trying to understand. The A.L.R. gives you a complete overview of a legal topic. Without these two tools paralegals could find themselves being lost during the research process.