The Renaissance

In the history of ideas, we now enter what is called the Modern period. Although that name may seem oddly dated, it reflects the fact that the questions being asked then (about Mindy-Body, and the origins of knowledge) remain with us even today.1) Summarize the transition from Scholasticism to Humanism with respect to both conceptions of knowledge and authority. 2) How are key Renaissance figures such as Luther and Galileo relevant to psychology? 3) Discuss Bacon’s Idols using modern examples relevant to psychology. 4) Explain how Descartes came to give us the Mind-Body problem.Many modern philosophers and psychologists see a potential solution to the Mind-Body from the concept of emergence. These ideas first come into psychology from the Gestalists, who we will consider in unit 13. But, if you are interested, this clip lays out the basics…Emergence