The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, writing homework help

Select a law enforcement agency in which you are interested. This could a municipal, state or federal law enforcement agency.

Locate officer-recruitment and selection-process information on your selected agency.

Create a 900- to 1200 word paper in which you describe the recruitment and selection process of the agency you selected. Include the following in your presentation:

  • Describe elements associated with the police recruitment and selection process at the agency. Essentially explain the selection process from start to finish and what is entailed in each step. Can the failure of any one of these components eliminate a candidate?
  • Explain where their academy is located, how long the academy is and what subjects are taught. Explore how a recruit can fail out of the academy, for instance can it be academic or behavioral. Each state has a police officer standards and training governing body which oversees all academy instruction. An example is California which its governing body is P.O.S.T.(Police officer Standards and Training)
  • Post completion of the academy, what training phases does the recruit go through and for how long before the recruit is allowed to operate on their own.
  • What position would you like to work within the agency you chose and why are you attracted to this specific agency.

Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.