The United States cultural pattern, communications homework help

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The United States cultural patterns are equivalent to mine because I believe in equal opportunity, taking work seriously, change, God and buying things on credit. God is my most top value because he created the world, man and animals and it is vital to have a relationship with him to live a good life and be protected from harm. I also believe that human life is the most unique form of life “because humans has made it possible for the United States to change the course of rivers, harvest forests for wood and paper, breed cattle for increased meat production, and destroy disease-causing bacteria” (Jandt, 2013, section 8.203). This value is important to me just like science and technology because we have the power and knowledge to increase human lives by way of providing medicines that can cure diseases and protect the environment by using renewable energy sources. Materialism is also important to me as well because being able to purchase a nice car, home, clothes and even a timeshare makes me feel good. Not to mention that a good job will enable to buy these things and in turn it generates employment for other people (Jandt, 2013).

I learned these values overtime through my teenage years and throughout my adulthood which enabled to me understand the roles that humans play as doctors, lawyers, teachers, entrepreneurs and even presidents. My most important values affect the way I communicate by way of wanting to learn and connect with other people on how to make the world a better place. Materialism affects my communication in life by embracing others to strive in life by going to college to learn about various platforms in life which will increase wealth. My important values affect my intercultural communication because I can discuss the benefits of seeking god through prayer and church which will help decrease evil on earth and bring more joy as well.


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