Theoretical Aspects of Conspiracy Investigations,Writing homework help

This Investigate! exercise will focus on identity theft or fraud. Identity theft and identity fraud are considered financial crimes that often involve two or more people. The trends for identity theft and identity fraud evolve as technology evolves and these criminals can concoct elaborate schemes to commit these financial crimes. Investigators should always stay informed when it comes to financial crimes. Remember that financial crimes are often based on conspiracies, thus the need for each investigator to understand conspiracy theory when investigating these financial crimes.

Research identity theft or fraud. This is a broad topic, but you should pick an element of this topic that you find interesting. (Internet research tips: identity theft, identity fraud, etc.). Write about what you find. Please use your own words.

Include any information you find on how to avoid being a victim of identity theft or fraud, or any arrests/crimes that you found interesting when you did your research. No plagiarism, add your references and double check your grammar