Theories of Organizational Behavior: Diversity IP1

PowerPoint presentation: 6–8 slides (250 words per slide of speaker notes)

You are done meeting with the four vice presidents, and Jared has called you into his office for a quick meeting to discuss next steps.

“I’ve heard some favorable comments about your meetings last week,” he says.

“That’s good to hear,” you say. “Everyone was very open with me, which makes it easier to look at the issues.”

“What’s next?” he asks.

“I recommend a small, focused meeting with the vice presidents,” you say. “I want to give them some background on organizational behavior so we have certain common knowledge about organizational development, motivation, needs theories, and so forth.”

“That makes sense,” he says.

“I am working on a short PowerPoint presentation—6 to 8 slides—to compare and contrast the theories,” you say.

“I like that idea,” he says. “I want you to add your speaker notes to the slides, too, so we can use the presentation again.”

“We’re thinking along the same lines,” you say. “I’ll put about 250 words of speaker notes on each, and I’ll include title and reference slides, too, of course. How does that sound?”

“That works,” he says. “I’d like to sit in on that meeting. Make sure to include me on the meeting invitation.”

“Will do,” you say. “Your support is important.”

Later that day, you sit down at the computer and pull up your writing about the organizational behavior theories. The time you took to write down information about the major theories will be useful for the PowerPoint presentation you’re preparing now. By comparing and contrasting the theories and then talking about it with the vice presidents, you hope to shed some light on gaps in their understanding about how individual behavior affects the organization.

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