Thinking, Reasoning, and Language, business and finance homework help

1. Click here to open the online library. 2. Locate and click on the database titled ABI/Inform Complete. 3. Then, search for the article by typing the following title into the search field (you must include the quotation marks): “Andersen implosion over Enron: an analysis of the contagion effect on Fortune 500 firms”. 4. Finally, locate and click on the link labeled Full text. After reading the article, draft a two-page paper by explaining what you learned about accounting and finance. You can include any reflections related to the article; however, address in paragraph form at least the following in your two-page paper:  What specific actions (or lack of) led to Enron’s bankruptcy?  What types of fundamental accounting and auditing practices eventually contributed to the fraud performed by Enron?  Briefly describe the ethical environment that led to the fraud.  How did Enron’s bankruptcy impact the financial markets for Enron’s competitors?  Briefly describe what you learned about the importance of the auditing process. Click here to download a template for this assignment. In APA Style, the template includes a title page and reference page.