Three essay about media

Do not use reference! Also do not plagiarism!!!

Overall you need write three essay, The first one is required essay. And the second and third one is you need choose two essay topic from Choice Essay!

Required Essay: (Must write)

Explain the seven keys to successful propaganda and illustrate their use in a recent political campaign. (Pick a candidate and find examples of each “key” by looking at their campaign content and strategy.)

Choice Essays: (choose two)

You must write at least two from this list. Be sure to copy the essay question and point values check blanks at the top of the page on which you write your essay. That way I can see the question and the points attempted as I grade your work. Do this for ALL of the essays your write.

  • Choice #1 : Discuss the differences among signification, sense-making and meaning and provide examples using an icon, index and symbol(s) for each.

  • Choice #2: Explain the differences between Gemeinschaft and Gesellschaft societies and offer a mediated/media-related example of each.
  • Choice #3: . Discuss opinion leadership in social media and online. What is the difference between regular opinion leadership and self-designated opinion leadership?
  • Choice #4: How does Klapper’s Reinforcement/Phenomonistic Theory contribute to understanding and concerns regarding self-socialization?