Tort law discussion, Linda is involved in a car collision, writing homework help

HYPOTHETICAL: Linda is involved in a car collision. The driver of the other car ran a red light and struck Linda’s car on the driver’s side. Linda was injured slightly, treated at the hospital, and discharged the next day. Her hospital bill was $2467.00. Because she was in terrible pain, she lost 8 days of work. She kept reliving the collision in her mind and found that she had trouble concentrating at work. Her work suffered and her employer fired her.

Linda worked as an advertising salesperson, which required her to spend most of her day traveling from one client to another. Because of the accident, she suffers from terrible anxiety whenever she gets behind the wheel of a car.

In your initial post:

  1. Take a position either for or against Linda’s lawsuit for damages.
  2. If you take the position in favor of Linda, specify what damages Linda may be able to seek. Explain why.
  3. If you take the position against Linda, explain what would information you would need to keep her from being awarded damages. Also discuss what she might do to mitigate her losses.

In your response posts, add substantive information about:

  1. the damages available in your state; MY STATE is ALABAMA
  2. whether your state follows the collateral source rule.