Transformation of Character, management assignment help

In your readings over the past couple of weeks, there was much discussion of character, what it is, how it is developed, and how it is tested in real world situations.

This assignment is designed to explore the nature of character and moral commitments. Write an essay that addresses the following questions:

According to Wright’s understanding of character and virtue, what is character and how is it transformed? How does Wright differentiate a Biblical from a Greek moral framework? Evaluate Wright’s position and note where you agree and/or disagree with him. Defend your positions. How does character relate to the Kouzes and Posner leadership model and Maxwell’s reflections in chapter 3?

In the second part of your essay, you will reflect on Badaracco’s question, “How flexible is my moral code?” How does Badaracco define moral flexibility through his observations of the character, Okonkwo? Is there tension between Badaracco’s moral flexibility and the integrity of values expressed by Kouzes/Posner and Maxwell in “ model the way?” Should there be flexibility in one’s moral code? Biblically defend your response to this question.