Transformational Change Management Plan

Deliverable Length: See details below with a minimum of 8 scholarly references

Key Assignment Final Draft

The key assignment final draft should include a comprehensive transformational change management plan

Transformational Change Management Plan

Submit your finalized Plan components I-IV.

Create the following new material for Week 5:

  • Week 5: Implementation Plan (400-600 words) 
    Include the following context in the implementation plan:
    1. Major implementation steps
    2. Key criteria for success
    3. Summary of Weeks 1-5
    4. Rollout: Any risk considerations to the implementation 

The completed document with content should be finalized in terms of grammar, formatting, references, all necessary sections, flow, and complete content.

Unit 2 IP What is driving the need for Change.docx 

Unit 4 – Individual Project_Change_Management.docx 

Unit 5 – Individual Project.docx 

I have added the previous assignment so you can see. The first you did I made few changes to it and the last one that needs to be done, which is unit 5

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