Turnover and Retention in Healthcare

Turnover & Retention In HealthcareDue a web search and collect the current data on the different generations and their expectations in regards to job satisfactions and retention.The Matures (born before 1945) and still employed.Baby Boomers (1945-1965)Generation X (born 1966-1980)Generation Y (born 1980-1990)Save the data you collected to create a paper based on the data discussed and the expectations within the current working population in healthcare and how it affects “turnover”RetentionSubmit a written paper on the data collected.Explain where you fit in this retention picture and does your expectation mirror those of your generation.Review the retention plan for your department. Does it address the generational gaps in your immediate department? (I am a hemodialysis nurse.)Paper requirements: Cover sheet; 4-5 typed pages by APA format; References: minimum 5