Two posts about COO “Country of Origin”, business and finance homework help


Read the one-page article, “COUNTRY OF ORIGIN EFFECT” at… provided by The Economist Group.

Consider the subject of “Country of Origin” (COO) relative to a major export good for “Your Country.”

Use the website the Observatory of Economic Complexity ( to identify a good which most likely has a COO effect. What was the value ($s) of that good’s exports by “Your Country” in 2014? You MUST explain why you believe this product has a COO effect. In general commodities do NOT have a COO effect.

Identify the three major importers (if there are that many) of your exported good and the value ($s) each country imported.

Post 2

Review the submissions your peers made in Post 1. Choose one of their exported goods they mention to focus upon – one that few others have selected.

Use the website the Observatory of Economic Complexity ( to identify other countries which export those same goods and the value ($s) of those country’s exports in 2014.

The article you read for Post 1 suggests that COO is potentially a powerful brand ingredient that can be used to gain competitive advantage in international marketing.

Discuss whether you believe there is a COO for the exported good you selected from Post 1. What reasoning supports your beliefs?

Should exporters in that country try to associate that product with the country from which it originates? What are some ways they go about making this association?