Two questions about exercise design for disasters, management homework help

* Please comprehensively and carefully read the articles I uploaded below to fully understand the following questions the answer them. And the better way is to start reading IS 139 article, HSEEP guide, then ESSD article ( this article is for the first question.

– The Liberty County HVA (ESSD) includes 24 areas. Choose any two of those areas (except hurricanes) and comment.

-Think about a man made event such as a bombing or shooter situation. Discuss the eight-step design process of the event you selected and apply it to a functional exercise. Use the steps to build the foundation for a functional exercise. Here is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) 8-step process:

1. Assess needs

2. Define Scope

3. Write Statement of Purpose

4. Define Objectives

5. Compose Narrative

6. Write major and detailed events

7. List expected actions

8. Prepare messages

Important notes:

– Use APA format for citation.

– Its very important to fully understand the articles I uploaded to comprehensively answer the questions

– Please do not forget to complete the eight steps for the second question. You must fully read the articles to understand these eight steps.

– Very carefully, read the questions to understand whats required.