Types and levels of Organizational cultures Discussion Questions

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Question 1: -Identify and explain the four types of organizational cultures identified by the competing values framework. How does Southwest Airlines fit into the framework?

The four competing values are the Clan, Hierarchy, Adhocracy, and Market values. Clan is a very fun, learning, nurturing, participative part that is more like a family. Adhocracy is about taking risk, trying new things, entrepreneurial spirit, and values new ideas from people. Heirarchy values competition and getting the job done over most everything. Market values favors structure and control, where efficiency is maximized to gain the best results possible. I believe Southwest Airlines would fall into the clan culture mainly, but mixed with adhocracy as well. They are open to new ideas, but are more focused on fun and a family orientated business structure.

Question 2: -Identify and explain the three levels of organizational culture.

The three levels of organizational culture are artifacts, stated values, and fundamental assumptions. Typical behaviors (artifacts) are what we generally can see in most levels of culture, like bonus giving to higher uppers, the dress code we have to follow, what kind of tech is available, and how our work is set up. It goes from gatherings, ceremonies, awards, parties, type of conversations, and so on. They are an everyday occurance and pretty much the ground floor when we talk about organizational culture. Stated values are what are in our safety manuals, guidelines books, and determine help determine what behaviors should be