UMUC Management theories discussion

For this discussion, I’d like you to think about either your current or a recent work situation, and then see if you can identify some of the schools of thought that may have influenced how your organization operates.

Try to assess: Does management aim for efficient operation through specialization and top-down instructions? (similar to Fayol or others in the scientific management school?) Or does management seek to emphasize common mission and employee satisfaction? (similar to Barnard or others in the human relations school of thought?) What about the use of teams and ad hoc groups used to deal with special situations? If you use teams in your work, can you identify what management theory is encouraging managers to make more use of teams instead of assigning work through a strict functional division?

These are the reading articles I got.


  1. History of Management Thought The Evolution of Management Theory
  2. Organizational Theory
  3. Managerialism
  4. Pioneers of Management