Uncertainty on the Project

The organizational strategy team is reviewing the project. Each member on the team has agreed that the requirements contained in this project are necessary for varying degrees. The project has been moving along nicely.Then…Some milestones have been missed in relation to communication technologies andoperational functions.Challenges have risen that were unforeseen.Some stakeholders’ shifted their requirements of the project. You as a project manager are being asked to account for these setbacks and delays!Note:  This scenario is somewhat general in nature in order for you to address issues that you believe are more pertinent based on your own experiences and knowledge.Please discuss and provide a response to the team regarding uncertainties and the complexities of the ongoing project. Discuss the importance of effective communication and how it is a continuing process.Follow-up responses should address constructive feedback and insights regarding your fellow learners’ posts. Please also respond to those that have commented on your initial post if warranted.