Understanding of Religion response post

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My understanding of religion

What I understand about my religion is that God created the world and gave us his only son Jesus to die on the cross for my sins a death that was supposed to be mine, but he saved me. I was saved by his grace and not for my good deeds because he loved me so much that he scarified himself to save me. I also believe that the Bible was written to be a guide on how to live our life’s. However, I believe that many people use it to their own interpretation and manipulate it to their advantage.

Therefore, I think it is not so much about the religion, but it is about a choice I have made to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe that when I pray, he hears my prayers and he answers them not on my timing but his timing. I also believe that he puts people in our life for a reason and a season he also removes those that are only in our lives to cause us harm. Because sometimes we fail to see that some people are just not good for us and should not be part of our lives. However, even though we are Christians we are not perfect in any way I still sin, and my life still has its ups and downs.