Unit 1.1 DB: Diversity in Our World

Based on the unit 1 readings and your own research what is multiculturalism and what does it mean to have a multicultural perspective?You must support your response with scholarly sources in APA format.  Simply stating your opinion is not enough, back up your opinion with citations.  Refer to the DB Grading Rubric for more details.Articles, Websites, and Videos:Connolly and Ward (2008) define and discussion the fundamentals of human rights, values connected to the them, and their relevance for human services providers.Connolly, M., & Ward, T. (2008). Morals, Rights and Practice in the Human Services: Effective and Fair Decision-making in Health, Social Care and Criminal Justice. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.Chapter 1:Understanding Human RightsPatel (2020) discusses hat while our geographic spaces have become more diverse than ever our social circles have not.Patel, E. (2020, Jan 28).Diversity in America Today. Inside Higher Ed.This Info graph uses Census data from 2013-2017 to look at the diverse makeup of the US.Diversity in the United States. (2020). United States Census Bureau.The History of American Diversity examines diversity statistics from 1965-2015 and makes predictions for future US racial makeup.Watch VideoThe History of American Diversity