Much debate has ensued since 2014 as a  result of the Hobby Lobby company and how its owners chose to exercise  their religious freedoms.   For this assignment, go to the CSU  Online Library, and perform a search on “Hobby Lobby organizational  behavior.” From the long list of results, select an article that relates  to the debated issue about healthcare coverage to include covering the  expense of birth control for employees.   Then, write an article critique that includes the following elements:Summarize the findings of the article you selected.Provide an introduction and brief description of the key  factors/points of the issue and how they relate to organizational  behavior. Note the article’s premise and supporting points.Discuss how this organizational behavior issue relates to and  contributes to one or more of the four behavior science disciplines.Explain what you would do about this issue as a manager, and  demonstrate your understanding of the implications from your decision to  provide birth control coverage within a company’s healthcare package to  employees. While you may mention the legal aspects of a case, you are  not to focus solely on the legal aspects. Your perspective should be  from a behavioral science viewpoint as it relates to  organizational behavior. Opinions should be informed and substantiated  by the literature surrounding the topic.Your article critique should be a  minimum of three pages in length, not counting the title page and  references page. You are required to use a minimum of one source from  the CSU Online Library for this assignment. Use APA format for your  paper, including all references and in-text citations.