USF German And American Pediatric Health Research Paper

This is completing for the previous assignment that you did for me you can check it here…

I have provide the same old files and these are some the comments on the old assignment

1-Dear Mohammed, your overview is very informative about the countries including background and analysis. However, bringing a tighter focus on pediatrics and data point and concrete info about the systems would help your writing.

2-Dear Mohammed, your overview is helpful for understanding some base background on the given countries. The statistics included about the economy help give the reader some idea of how the country might be fairing, which allows them to infer just how advanced the healthcare system should or could be as apposed to how it is. I would, however, add some pediatric healthcare specific statistics, since this is your chosen topic.

3-Dear Mohammed, your overview is very useful and informative for the readers to understand the two healthcare system. It is also helpful for your blog since the background and thesis statement are declared fairly. Hence, people can easily imagine the difference of 2 healthcare systems of two developed countries in the world. Except for the things that I pointed out above, your analyzation was successfully attractive people to your blog.

and this is the new one completing for the previous

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