Violence against Women in The Round House discussion

While Geraldine’s attack is at the center of this novel, Erdrich explores different types of violence against other female characters. For example, she shows violence against Mayla in two ways: abuse from the governor of South Dakota and murder at the hands of Linden. Sonja is the victim of abuse in two ways as well. Joe and his friends treat her as a sexual object due to her past, and she is the victim of domestic abuse at the hands of Whitey. Her story also suggests a history of violent relationships. Linda is neglected as an infant and harassed by her birth mother and brother. While Joe and Bazil are seeking justice for Geraldine, do any of these other women achieve justice? What do these differing portrayals of violence and abuse against women in the novel suggest about our culture? Craft your response in the form of a fully developed paragraph, at least 5 sentences in length.