Violin through the Eras Discussion

Which instrument would you play? Choose the violin, viola or cello and research and find a concerto written for that instrument from each of these eras. Make sure the dates of composition fit the era, however, there were many composers that lived in the 20th century that still wrote in a very romantic style!




20th century

21st century

Write an essay of 500 words or more and Include information about the form of each concerto, such as the number of movements it has and it’s titles, as well as the form of the individual movements. For example, does the 20th century composer use “Sonata Form” like the composer of the late 18th century (Classical Era). Did sonata allegro form exist in the Baroque Era?

Of course include who wrote each concerto.

At the end of the essay state whether this instrument was widely used in the Renaissance Era or if not what its predecessor was. Be precise, this essay is “genre” specific – do your research!