Visioning Information Technology At Cirque Du Soleil

Visioning Information Technology at Cirque du Soleil

This case aims to highlight the topic of aligning IS/IT strategy with a business and the challenges this alignment poses for the senior IT executive. In this context the notion of IT architecture, its role in the alignment between business and IT, and the levels of maturity of an IT architecture are also discussed.

Please answer the following questions.

  1. What characteristics of Cirque du Soleil made Danielle Savoie’s job particularly challenging?
  2. What are the key abilities required of Danielle Savoie to achieve alignment between IS/IT and a business?
  3. What were Cirque’s critical business processes?
  4. How well do you think the current IT architecture at Cirque du Soleil enabled the critical business processes?
  5. What recommendations would you make to Danielle to manage Cirque’s data?
  6. What course of action would you recommend to Danielle Savoie if she is to successfully implement her vision of IT as a sailboat, with Cirque’s producer as captain and the IT vice-president as helmsperson?

Please use APA style for citations and bibliography.