watch a video, write a 600-700 words response

watching all of the this video, then write a 600-700 words response about the Symposium.

  • write a 200-300 words about summary of the speech· · Summary: List main ideas, key features, examples and evidence the presenter may provide o Identify the presenter and topic o Indicate the main ideas o Paraphrase main ideas; quote sparingly, use key words, phrases, and sentences o Include attributive tags o Avoid summarizing specific examples or data o Be objective
  • · Response: Log your reaction to the main points, record your comments/thoughts and ask questions: Your opinion of the presenter’s ideas Do you agree or disagree? How well is the discussion presented? Your response requires that you provide evidence to support your opinion, whether you agree or disagree with the author. Consider what sort of evidence will best support your statements: personal experience, evidence from text, outside sources

    • Eight paragraph minimum
    • All paragraphs must be visible
    • Three to five sentences per paragraph
    • Complete and coherent sentences
    • Check for grammar, spelling, etc.
  • Four different hyperlinks – credible sources only
    • All links must be relative to the event topic
      • No random sources
      • No blogs, unless the speaker discusses
      • No videos, unless the speaker discusses
    • Insert each hyperlink in a different paragraph
    • Do not include hyperlinks to the university press release or flyer
    • If linking an image, only is acceptable