Waterloo Shipping to the Caribbean William Roche Halifax merchant

Article Analysis

To complete this assignment, choose one of the following articles (both articles are assigned readings for this course (see Course Outline below) and are available through course reserves):

a) Julian Gwyn, “Shipping to the Caribbean in the 1820s-1840s: William Roche, Halifax Merchant,” Northern Mariner 2013 23, 2: 99-122
For the article analysis, the student is required to read and summarize a scholarly article from the course readings and explain the relevance of the article’s content to the study of business history. The purpose of the assignment is to have the student discern (and thus summarize) the main issue/question under investigation, the thesis (main argument) of the author, and the main points of argument used to support the thesis and then explain how the article contributes to the analysis (and understanding) of the topics covered in the course and lecture for which it was assigned.

The assigned articles examine a major issue, topic or person in business history. The assignment has two parts.
First, the assignment must begin with a one-page summary of the article. The summary must outline: 1) the major issue/debate in business history which the article addresses; 2) the thesis of the article; and 3) the main points/ideas the author uses to defend his/her thesis.

The second part of the assignment is a two-page analysis/discussion of how the article relates or adds insight in to the business history topic under examination. Students should ask themselves “how does this article add additional information or interpretation to compliment, or perhaps contradict, the information being presented in class/lectures?” In order to do so, students should examine one or more of the following questions:

1) Is the author offering a new/different interpretation of the issue than presented in other course materials or in the lectures? (for example, by examining different evidence or by using a different method of examining the issue).
2) Does the author offer new ideas, points of information, or interpretations that compliment or contradict the material being presented in class?
3) How does the article further develop your understanding of the main topic or businessperson under study?

The assignment must be a total of 3 pages in length, double-spaced with a standard character size and font.Students are not to exceed the 3 page length.The purpose of the assignment is twofold: first, to have the student recognize and understand the argument of a scholarly article and to assess the content within the larger course themes and issues; secondly, the assignment is a writing exercise which requires students to be both concise but also comprehensive.


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